Information about either Dr. Geiger-Ho's ceramics, or her availability to conduct workshops and present lectures can be obtained by writing to her at her e-mail:

Kiln Lore Ceramics

Kiln Lore Studio: 22 Valleybrook Drive, Bradford, PA 16701, U.S.A.

URL Links

Martie Geiger-Ho Digital Portfolio
(20 selected ceramic sculptures & functional pots)

URL link for Martie Geiger-Ho digital portfolio: 20 images of professional work--ceramic sculptures & functional pots

Martie Geiger-Ho's Student Work Digital Portfolio
(20 selected ceramics, sculptures & installations)

URL link for Martie Geiger-Ho's student work digital portfolio: 20 images of student work: ceramics, sculptures & installations

Earth Trek Borneo: The Terraformation Series,video producted by Creative Space, Brunei Darussalam.


Martie Geiger-Ho's Women's Studio Workshop Blog Link:




Martie Geiger-Ho's Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Residency 2019