Vessel’s Shaped Through Teaching:

My career as an educator who has taught in many types of institutions, both in the US, and abroad has shaped my styles and methods of working with various types of clays that are fired under diverse conditions. I enjoy teaching ceramic techniques from high-fired porcelain to raku. I pride myself on being able to adapt to a myriad of ceramic processes and I enjoy producing ceramics that are either electric or gas fired. 

Recent Cone 6 Electric Fired Vessels and Vessel Inspired Sculptures from My “Shangri-La” series:

Featuring both functional classic wheel worked vessels along with handbuilt, abstract, stoneware and porcelain pieces, my new "collection" of ceramic pieces draws collectively on the theme of natural sanctuaries like coves, tide-pools, or moonlight rocky jetties, to create works that are calming and tranquil. I further try to enhance the viewer’s experience of tranquility through visual exploration, by glazing both her symmetrical and her more complex organic ceramic forms with colors that naturally occur in Hong Kong's most lush and alluring environments. My vessels achieve their beguiling seaside color schemes of cool blues and greens matched against warm tones of caramel and sunset sand through a careful blending of glazes that suggest, rather than announce the subjects of sea and land. I have formulated my electric kiln fired stoneware glazes to blend and interact in unpredictable ways when they are splashed or randomly poured over one another. By glazing my work in an intuitive and spontaneous manner, I am able to create an almost limitless range of hues and surface variations in her ceramic pieces.