I have created a series of paintings in Brunei, a tiny nation in the Borneo island of the Southeast Asia, when I am teaching as art professor at the University of Brunei Darussalam. My abstract paintings are inspired by the natural wonders found in the Berakas Beach in Brunei as well as my interest in astrophysics.

My recent abstract paintings are about “longing” for something intangible. I long for what I will never know or understand. That longing comes out in my search for understanding new revelations about the cosmos. My questions and thoughts leak out onto the canvas in the form of colors and patterns that solidify into momentary snapshots of what I feel and comprehend about the unknown. Others may not, but that mystery about the stars fuels my emotions and that in turn guides me to know when the painting’s composition and design is complete and correct. My paintings are emotional illustrations of what I feel and imagine about the cosmos when I read current astrophysical discoveries about particle theory and gravitational waves, etc. More importantly, my work is about finding a way to illustrate or experience the twin feelings of the micro and the infinitely large expanse of the relativity and quantitative mechanics. When I am painting certain shapes that represent for my real life photomicrographs of atoms and lattice structures of certain substances I juxtapose those images in my mind with fantastic photos from telescopes showing the wonders of the cosmos.